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Our services fall under three key categories: career path development, supplemental and advanced skills development, and managed career services.

Career Path Development services help individuals make a successful transition from their current career or unemployment situation to a more rewarding career path, in line with their interests and abilities. The service starts with a series of consultations and assessments that identify what skills or knowledge gaps are preventing a change in a person’s work-life and subsequently developing educational programs that will enable the desired change.

Our Supplemental & Advanced Skill Development services are built to meet the needs of business and government clients who require employees to be trained according to a unique curriculum designed to help overcome performance gaps that are compromising productivity. Once contacted by a client, experienced Wilfred Institute professionals initiate a training design process that ultimately culminates in the delivery of training that provides the client with the right transfer of skills and knowledge in a timeframe and format that works within the parameters of their unique circumstances.

Our Managed Career Services involve long-term relationships with clients and are aimed at offering career support throughout a client’s working life. Through MCS, registered clients have continuous access to job search and placement services, interview simulations, career advancement planning, an

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